Sunday, August 24, 2008

all this useless beauty

went for an early morning walk around cheat lake with baby b and mmm.  beautiful.  the water was so clear.  we saw many fish and i took some nice pics.  hope to post them later today.

taking izzy today to get all dolled up for the first day of middle school.  can't, simply cannot believe she and j are old enough to be in middle school.  in my mind she's still a three-year-old mini-me asking bizarre questions and eating indian food.  now.  now she might as well be in high school.

jack will spend the first week of school in the hospital having tests done.  seizures still.  the kid can't seem to catch a break.

grammie coming over for dinner tonight.  perhaps she'll help with the applesauce venture.  will be glad for the company and someone to talk to.  mmm does not much care to chat or to listen to my silly ramblings.  

off to clean house and trim the bunny's claws.  torture for us both.

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