Tuesday, February 15, 2011

oh yeah

i think we are finally over our various illnesses.

trying hard to regroup at home and at work. i'm wiped out and it makes it difficult. all i really want to do is sleep. and watch niche programming on obscure cable channels.

tooling around on youtube this evening and remembered how much i totally and completely love this song.

a little roxy music to help you settle into your evening. god, i love to sing this song.

realized i forgot to post about something absolutely lovely. a few weeks ago we went to see lyle lovett and john hiatt. i might have posted about that, but what i know i did not post about was this song.

reminds me so much of my childhood. my parents, brothers and me, riding on country roads, piled into the car, singing songs, listening to stories. god. is there anything more family than that?

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