Wednesday, February 16, 2011

benny had his four-year well-child visit today. he loves the attention he gets at doctors' offices and he absolutely loves his pediatrician. he blushes and giggles when she touches him. it's very cute. verbal skills and fine motor skills are very advanced. smoothness with the ladies? not so much.

after his appointment we took advantage of the warmer weather and went to friendship hill to hike and ride bikes. we explored the grounds, pretending to be chasing bears, really tracking dear, and speculating on spectral activity. felt great to be outside, not wearing a coat, breathing fresh air.




i really do love something about that place. ben call's it albert's house and loves it there as much as i do.


we ate at apple annie's on the way home. good food and such a friendly atmosphere. they have an incredible dessert case. easily over 20 choices of cakes, pies and pastries. all made in house and all clearly delicious. i won the bad parent award for the day and let ben eat this:



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Sarah said...

Love that you love FH too! It's my absolute favorite place....for some reason I find peace know after a few weeks of hellish days you just need some a quiet spot. That's it for me!