Thursday, January 27, 2011

benny's birthday bash

last sunday we hosted ben's first REAL birthday party. invited the usual crew plus every kid in his class. we had quite a turn out, too!

we partied down at a local gymnastics facility. can you say "anticipation"?


the kids were precious- every single one of them. and, get this- BEN WAS WELL-BEHAVED. he was perfect. gracious. took turns. was polite. didn't throw fits. incredible. he and aj cracked us up hatching an evil plan of some sort.


he wanted a pirate party (again). i found a kit to make a pirate ship cake and was happy with the results.

pirate cake


still can't believe my baby is four. brings a tear to the eye.

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Sarah said...

just love reading your blog again! So much life, so much love and it just makes me smile! ;-)