Friday, January 29, 2010

things i love about home

coming home from working. i change clothes and mmm, bbb and i hang out in the kitchen picking at the veggie tray we make dinner. where would we be without our veggie trays?

weekend mornings. bbb comes into our room when he wakes up and we snuggle and watch his cartoons. it's just cozy and perfect. i think so anyway. i think mmm feels crowded and grouchy!

playing scattergories with j and s.

playing the music game with mmm.

realizing the house is clean at the BEGINNING of the weekend (not the case this weekend).

my wvu slippers.

watching kipper with bbb.

sunday papers.

the fact that this house is filled with music, books, magazines and movies.

the fact that i have to stop writing this because bbb is demanding my attention!

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