Wednesday, January 20, 2010

my big boy

bbb is three! THREE! unbelievable. he's such a funny/interesting/crazy little man. he astounds me and confounds me (and drives me absolutely crazy) every single day.

we spent the weekend putting the house back together after the floor remodel. have i mentioned that i LOVE the floors? they are gorgeous. it's like we live in an entirely new house.


monday the fam came over for bbb's party. pirate theme. i fixed jerk chicken and red beans and rice. first time i ever worked with scotch bonnet peppers. so hot they burned my nose when i breathed around them but very tasty.


i tried my best to make a fancy looking pirate cake. it looks nowhere near as nice as i wanted it too but it tasted pretty good and i'm fairly certain bbb liked it.

pirate cake

nothing too taxing on the horizon at the moment. settling into the routine of winter and second semester for mmm. nice, quiet, homey times.

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Sarah said...

K, You are an amazing mom. I don't know how you find the time do all those special things. I love the floors. That cake looks amazing. I'm sure B loved it too!