Sunday, December 20, 2009


we got all the snow we could have asked for yesterday. mmm shoveled a bunch and watched basketball. bbb and i went out and played twice. i think i had much more fun than he did on the sled!

we all went to bed early after a busy day out in the cold.

today has been low key. our roads are still pretty messy so we are staying in. i'm snuggled on the couch under blankies with bbb. he has been watching christmas shows and we've done a little baking. planning on beef burgundy (or my improvisation of it) for supper.

downloaded the epicurious app to my ipod touch. this will save my dear macbook from further flour in the keyboard.

looking out the window at the hill that faces ours. the houses are covered white and the sky is blue and grey. it looks cold but peaceful.

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