Sunday, December 27, 2009


i feel very fortunate to be in the middle of a christmas marathon. so often it's a sprint that leaves you feeling a little let down with a touch of a sugar hangover. not this year.


we headed to colorado on the 24th and could not have asked for a better flight. since then we've been enjoying time with family- eating, relaxing, playing games. i'm trying my best to improve at wii golf and wii baseball. i'm fairly satisfied with my wii bowling performance.


bbb is enjoying his grandma, brothers, uncles and cousin. louise is sweet and takes her time with him. he's good at conning people into playing his new candyland game. and he actually did a great job playing outside with the big kids today- even without mom or dad.


i have, of course, been eating too much and will have to deal with that next week. but the food is too good to pass up.

we'll head home on monday and see what treasures santa left for us in west virginia. my family will come over to visit on wednesday. i work for three days and will then gear up for the bowl game. it's going to be another happy holiday week.

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