Monday, November 16, 2009

too much

so much going on lately. home projects, work projects, baking projects.

i'm not even going to try to catch up. just going to say- carnegie science center with bbb. homemade ravioli (chicken; spinach). painting the main rooms of the house. generally being in love with my husband and kid and all the fun things we get to do.


turkey ravioli

spinach ravioli


went to see avenue q with acw last night. um..... hilarious. i can't get the bad idea bears out of my mind. i LOVE them. we went to the kenyan cafe beforehand. loved it as well. had chicken stew with matoke and i can't wait to have it again. it was the most comforting and filling dish i've had in so long. morgantown residents- PLEASE SUPPORT THE KENYAN CAFE! the proprietor is a great guy and the food is hearty, tasty and meant to be enjoyed. it's our duty to keep this restaurant around.

can't believe thanksgiving is next week. j and s are coming- so excited to seem them!


Sarah said...

As always it looks delicious. We need to have a night where we all just get together and everyone brings some new exciting dish. How yummy that sounds. Maybe after the holidays during the yucky months of Jan and Feb. Lets plan it. We can do it here! Miss ya

Anonymous said...

Hope you had a Happy Birthday!

Anonymous said...

FYI - Anonymous is your husband.