Monday, April 27, 2009

hot weather

it's been absolutely gorgeous these past few days. i've spent every free moment outside.

friday evening i went for dinner and a movie with the ladies. lots of laughs (and screams!). saturday i concentrated on constructing b's new play house. it's awesome! i can't believe i did it myself and i can't believe it's finished. still have some landscaping to do around it but the building itself is complete.

yesterday we spent the afternoon at my mother's for number one's birthday. 48! it was an incredibly relaxing day. the kids played in the sand and took a group shower to get all the muck off. the adults ate and talked and enjoyed the sunshine.

b and i got home and mmm returned shortly after. after b went down we watched the first segment of planet earth in hd and it was awesome. polar bears! and crazy crazy birds!

the only downside to this weekend is the unbelievable sunburn i have on my back. seriously painful and i feel like an idiot for allowing myself to get such a thing.

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