Monday, March 30, 2009


things still bustling around here. friday morning turner and i went to erickson for our first peer screening of the spring.  a little rusty, both of us.  

izzy came over in the evening to watch twilight with us as planned.  i think there was more real-life drama going on via text than in the actual film.

saturday morning the boys went with mmm to run errands and b and i ran errands on our own. we bought a peach tree!  brought it home and s planted it for me.  he did a great job.  we cleaned up around the house in preparation for grandma's visit.  nice steak dinner and lots of wii action in the evening.

boys left yesterday.  b, grandma and i took it easy around the house.  

back to work today and i missed b all day long.  mondays are rough like that.  

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