Wednesday, March 25, 2009

down home

my moms made fried chicken tonight and a mess of mac and cheese.  YUM.  she had a house full, too.  aunt and uncle, jack, izzy and shannon, tew and sam.  our whole crew, of course.  we were an unruly bunch and i think the oldest generation were a bit put off by all of the adolescent humor.  we wore them down, though.  in the end we were all laughing.

b thinks whenever that many people get together and eat it's a birthday party.  

we got home late and b went to bed an hour late!  he gets very agitated when this happens.  "it's seven o'clock!  bedtime!  it's really dark!  bedtime!"  believe me.  i'm not complaining.  i love having a child that's eager to hit the sack.

meeting in the morning followed by eye doctor.  mav's birthday party after work.  chick fil a. chicken three days in a row!

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boothie said...

sounds like good times had by all!! would love to see you all soon!! :)