Monday, February 9, 2009

stressed, i think

maybe that's where the tired is coming from?  the stress?  

busy day at work.  i might as well stop writing that.  just the way it seems to be going now.

puzzling over some things this evening.  a lot of things have happened this year to weaken my faith in people.  little things, but significant.  a few more piled on top today.  makes me nauseous.  
keep waiting for some reprieve or positive upturn to things.  a shift in attitude, a lightening. wish it would come sooner rather than later.  

this evening went by far too fast.  spent quality time with the child and rabbit.  b was very cute this evening and extremely well behaved.  ready for bed now.  perhaps i'll feel sunnier in the morning.


Sarah said...

I'm wondering if we are talking about the same thing? I wrote a similar post last week. HMMM I'm beginning to wonder if I'm a bad judge of character or something. Maybe just trust people to easily. Whatever it is, I feel totally taken back lately at things I'm finding out!

boothie said...

feeling a strong need for a long kris and me chat...