Wednesday, February 11, 2009

float on

lyle lovett and john hiatt in concert tonight.  third row near center and it was wonderful.  LL's voice is, well, his own.  the kind of voice you'd like to sing you a lullaby every night.  the two performers played back and forth with one another, answering one song with another.  bantering in between.  highly entertaining.

left feeling an even bigger desire to move to texas.  now i know, i know, we're not ever REALLY going to move to texas.  but there's just something about it i love.  big, open, hot.  music.  rough around the edges, sorta.  the pictures LL paints in his songs make me want to be there.  i picture old wood floors in a farm house, no other houses for miles around.  horses and old men and tex mex.  

aside from the great show, mmm and i had a perfect date night.  good dinner, drinks, trivia, and time at home with no baby b!  heard this song tonight and it's how i feel about things right now. 

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