Monday, January 26, 2009

people have a way

a nice long day home with b yesterday.  we baked bread and cookies and made granola.  we cleaned up the house and played.  both of us cried to leave each other this morning.

feeling sad today, mid-winter blues i guess.  feel a cold coming on.  should have stayed under covers just like b suggested.  

continually amazed that people can just blatantly disregard what you say.  you ask for help, you don't get it.  you ask for comfort, it's not there.  you ask for honesty, and that goes by the wayside too.  should not be surprised at this point in my life.  guess i'm just a sucker.  

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Anonymous said...

it always surprises me too. still. and I think I'm a bit older than you. your blog is so nice to read.