Saturday, January 24, 2009

old skool slumber party

had a slumber party with tew, sam and izzy at my mom's last night.  we started out by going to old navy where iz gave me advice on buying skinny jeans.  i still think the "skinny" jeans make me look "fat" but wore them out of the store anyway.  

we ate all kinds of sleepover food and stayed up playing with makeup and talking.  i slept on the couch in the downstairs family room with the tv on.  

my mom made us a fancy breakfast, just like when i was in high school.

b and i had a birthday party to attend and that was quite fun.  he was very well behaved til the guest of honor started opening presents.  we left a little early to head to aunt and uncles for his gram's birthday party.  tew and sam joined us there as well.  she's nuts!  lots of fun though, listening to frankie valli and teasing each other.  it's what we do.  

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