Sunday, January 11, 2009

i'm in love

these boots.  i love them.  i'd like to sleep in them.  i don't want to take them off.  i'm trying to devise a way to get by with wearing them to work, but i don't think that's very practical.  maybe on friday?  i love the dazed and confused look on b's face in the picture above.  he's thinking, and rightly so, "what in the name of curious george is she doing now?"

took a great nap this afternoon. dreamed that i was at a high school dance and was lured away by an old vampire.  he bit me and it didn't hurt.  this is proof positive that i've been spending too much time with stephanie meyer.  

b and i have been playing around a lot with photo booth in the evenings.  we always seem to end up on the basement stairs, for some reason.  we take goofy pictures and crack each other up.  i love this one.  

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