Monday, January 12, 2009

the android's conundrum

this day.  just too much.  this day has been FULL.  just full of words and thought.  music. connections.  friends.  and a birth!  one of my dear dear friends has welcomed a sweet baby girl into this world and my heart is just bursting.  another pair of soft apple cheeks to chew.  i cannot wait to meet this stubborn little girl who, i wager, will be just like her mama.

today is a day wherein i feel overwhelmed, but i like it.  stressed, yes, but happy to have the stress because it's proof of life and proof of some level of necessity in the great wide world.

a long day, a day all to itself that will stand out from other days because of all the tiny little things that transpired.  aside from the birth, nothing grand.  but little things that all make a great difference.  i can say with deep sincerity, my friends are some of my greatest blessings.  

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tams said...

your friends feel the same way about you! my life is better for knowing you and all the ladies in our life!