Monday, January 19, 2009

feet upon the snow

it's absolutely silent in my neighborhood this morning.  snow all around and the sky looks like there's more to come.  i can see for miles around out of our living room window  and everything is white with a grey sky.

preparing for a repeat of yesterday: a fun and relaxing day at home with b.  yesterday was great.  i had nothing to do but play with him.  we did some laundry and tidying up, but other than that we just played.  during his nap i knitted and slept.  mmm came home with sunday papers.  we read and played some more.

in the evening we watched the steelers take care of the ravens.  i think they are not only going to the super bowl, but going to WIN the super bowl.  yes, yes, that's what i think.  every adult male in my life has been to the super bowl at least once.  luckies.  

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