Saturday, January 17, 2009

b's second birthday

i don't know where to start with this post because it really needs to be broken down into two separate posts.  part of me just wants to talk about the day b was born.  the other part just wants to talk about the cake i baked for him today!  

i'll start with the cake.  we had a train theme for his party this afternoon.  i purchased a nordicware baking tin that produces 9 detailed train cars.  i made the snickerdoodle cake recipe that came with the pan (mostly because i knew it would be the right amount to fill the tin).  the cake turned out great.  i didn't lose a single detail- the cars slid right out of the pan.

had a blast decorating them.  buttercream, skittles, chocolate chips and twizzlers.  i think it turned out just as i had hoped.  most importantly, b loved it.  b loved everything about his birthday.  he was showered with gifts almost to the point of obscenity.  

now to the reflecting.

two years ago today was a very cold day.  a winter storm had blown in and wiped away all of the temperate weather we'd been having.  it was a wednesday.  and i'd been in labor since sunday night/monday morning.  i'd been to the hospital and sent home once already, much to my dismay and terror.  i was ready for drugs.  finally on wednesday morning i felt confident that they wouldn't send me away.  contractions were 4 minutes apart.  i hadn't slept or eaten since monday evening.  not night.  EVENING.  

we trekked across town in the cold cold pre-dawn and joyfully walked into the hospital.  i wasn't scared.  i was ready.  but mostly i was just ready for drugs and sleep.  i am not a hero.  the dear, sweet anesthesiologist worked his magic.  i not only got the epidural, but something to make me sleep and something to make me feel less nauseous.  and sleep i did.  from 7 am to 3 pm i slept.  slept my way to fully dilated.  

and then it was time to push.  i foolishly thought it would take an hour, tops.  HA!  try THREE HOURS.  and while i know she was right, i still think my midwife was some kind of sadist.  "it really will speed things up if we turn the epidural off."  fast and painful sounded better than slow and painful, so i said yes.  

and i think that's when the swearing began.  i'd scream and curse and yell with each contraction, then apologize profusely to the midwife, the resident and my husband.  actually the time between contractions was very pleasant.  lots of chit chat and excited rambling on my part.

then, FINALLY, at 5:59 pm my little guy decided to finally get his great big head out into the world.  i snatched him right up.  so traumatic.  unfathomable trauma, to be born.  but soon he was swaddled and nursing and watching basketball with his parents. 

so here's to my little guy!  happy birthday buddy!


Sarah said...

Oh Kris, I loved reading this. It goes so fast doesn't it? Ben is so big and he is so smart. What a great mommy you are...that cake is amazing. I'm hiring you for our next birthday party!!!

boothie said...

very sad i couldn't be there, but reading this is wonderful - what great memories of Ben's beginning in this crazy world we live. you are so brave and a great mom!! love to you!!