Thursday, January 29, 2009

barking seal cough

is there any other way to describe it?  you're sound asleep.  deep, deep middle of the night sleep. and then you hear it.  the repetitive "ark, ark, ark" of the barking seal cough.  you're disoriented. what IS that?  then you hear the rustling and the whimpering.  it's your kid.

so that's how our night went last night.  b was up from a little before one to a little before six.  he slept til about 8.  i slept pretty much not at all.  we spent the day watching videos and being low key.  he seems to be feeling better, but we won't know for sure til later in the night.

sleep for me soon.  uneasy sleep with one ear on the door!  i just hope my little guy can rest tonight.  

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