Friday, January 30, 2009

achey all over

my body is overcome with aches and chills and sneezes and sinus pressure.  i'm hunkered down on my little couch (not mmm's big couch) under a heavy afghan.  yoga pants and cubbies t-shirt. keeping warm and vegging out.

pushed through medicine head and got an incredible amount of work done at work.  sent out newsletter i'm happy with and a couple other reports that i feel good about.  husband and i spent time this evening straightening up.  even put b to work cleaning up toys and folding laundry.  he really likes folding laundry (as well as he can) and putting it away.  cleaned rowan's cage and let him hop around for a while.  he was happy with the extra attention.  

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Sarah said...

Oh Kris! I hope your not getting what I had. It is terrible. Missed you at swimming this am. Or did you tell me you weren't signing up? I can't keep things straight these days. I've had Ben's B'day gift for weeks. Hopefully one of these days I will manage to give it to you. Hope you guys are feeling better soon!