Tuesday, December 23, 2008

way too late

i must stop with these late nights, but i fear i won't be able to until after christmas.  

i cut and wrapped the torrone tonight and the texture is definitely off.  anyone out there have advice?  i guess i pulled the syrup off the stove too quickly, but after my caramel nightmare last month i'm afraid of over doing it and ending up with hard sugar.  still, the flavor is good and i'm hopeful that in time the candy will dry out a bit.  we'll see.

but now for the good stuff.  i made the seven layer cookies featured on epicurious and OMG. seriously.  delicious.  i figured out why i love them so much.  they taste like pim's!  pim's are my all time favorite store bought cookie and are hard to come by in these environs.  ah man, i should have made raspberry as well.  perhaps for vday i'll do a pink and red raspberry batch.  yes, that sounds like a wonderful idea.

had a tasty monte cristo at maxwell's this afternoon.  it was cheery and cozy and bustling there. a nice break from the single-digit weather outside.  

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