Sunday, December 21, 2008

girl power

another day of not accomplishing even a third of what needed to be done.  well, none of it needs to be done, i would just prefer for it to be done.  and "it" basically refers to baking.  lots of requests piling up and i feel like i'm getting nowhere.

BUT, today i did make a batch of torrone with an irresistible almondy flavor.  i can't slice it til morning, though. i've never made it before so i'm really hoping it the texture is right.  also did the first half of work on seven layer cookies.  again, i can't finish til tomorrow because they need to chill.  so it is.

late afternoon b and i headed through the hills and vales of marion county to visit aunt and uncle. a truckload of cousins were there to play with, as well as the animals.  i had promised aunt that i'd make caramels with her today and so that is what we did.  bunches and bunches of them.  she made her famous meatballs.  i had FIVE and two helpings of linguine.  i just don't see the logic in passing up food that is that good.

what struck me this evening as we were driving home (in the blustery cold wind!) was how female my mother's family is.  my father's family is nearly all male, save for aunt ethel and a few great aunts i never knew.  myself, i have three brothers.  as an adult, i married a man with four brothers and two sons.  and we have a son together.  so much testosterone you could choke on it.  

but not my mom's family.  she had two sisters.  i have two female first cousins, great aunts, extended relations of the female persuasion.  great grandmothers who ruled the roosts on both sides of my mother's family.  very matriarchal.  it felt so good to bask in the glow of a warm kitchen with my mother, aunt and cousin, talking about food and kids and life.  i felt so connected and i think i really needed that today.  it's nice knowing that love and strength is always right there no matter how busy our lives get.  family is good stuff and i'm lucky to have such a big one.  

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