Wednesday, December 10, 2008


dr. bucky longwood came over tonight and the three of us watched our boys play davidson.  we lost, but it wasn't a painful loss.  we held our own against a ranked team with two of our starters on the bench.  who can complain about that?  and stephen curry, i mean really.  he's got a beautiful shot.  he's gifted.  he's got that thing that allows an athlete to see, to do the math automatically, make the shot, take the hit, throw the ball, whatever it might be, into just the right spot.  

the hubs will probably nag me for giving props to a player on an opposing team, and truly, if he were from a rival team, i would not, even if i thought it.  but i enjoyed watching the kid play tonight.

ready for the transition from football to basketball.  really remembered tonight how much i love watching ncaa basketball.  so much talent and drama and heart.  i love the mountaineer football team and love watching them play, but i love watching any and all college basketball games.  

two wonderful mountaineer basketball memories.  first, the day b was born.  january 17, 2007.  wvu played usf.  b was born at 5:59 pm.  the basketball game started at 7:00 and i swear to you he watched the game!  and we won!  it was such a wonderful family moment.  i'd had, oh FORTY PLUS HOURS OF LABOR.  but the post-birth high was in full effect and we watched the whole game.  a very sweet moment and a very nice mountie victory.

the second most wonderful ncaa basketball memory i have is going to watch wvu in cleveland in 2005 with mmm and jc.  it was unreal.  we just kept winning.  but even aside from that, watching game after game for three days was a blast.  and cleveland?  what a surprise.  good food, good bars, good shopping.  we stopped at mmm's alma mater on the way home so flat stanley could pay homage to all the dead people.  what a trip.

can't believe how late it is.  really, not kidding.  i'm on a basketball high! need to shake it off and hit the hay.  

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