Wednesday, December 10, 2008

our house

i've spent the past several days working on a gingerbread house. it is, in fact, my attempt at recreating our own house. i've enjoyed working on it, but i'm not totally satisfied with the result. for one thing, it kind of resembles a row house one might find in a baltimore neighborhood featured on the wire. (sidebar: while searching for the row house picture i came across this. and i did not have "gingerbread" anywhere in my search terms. ha!)

for another, i probably would have had more fun if i'd just done something more whimsical.

but still, it's a fairly interesting and entertaining centerpiece for our dining room table. very festive and it smells incredibly yummy. i used this as a guide for making it and i have to say it's fairly fool-proof. the icing truly acts like glue and the gingerbread itself is very sturdy.

mmm thinks we should wait til it snows, take the house outside and catch it on fire. and film it, of course. part of me does think it might look kind of cool. or be kind of funny in a mister bill kind of way to see the little gingerbread men melt. if ever you doubted it, here is your proof. i am not quite right in the head.

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