Friday, December 5, 2008

sick and yet again

monster cold and i'm tired of it.  stayed home from work and under the covers.  b and mmm got home a little late and we played with the train under the tree.  bigs smiles all around.  pizza and laundry the rest of the evening.  

must give props to cynthia and the article she wrote for the state journal regarding the feast festival.  still amazes me how differently siblings can remember the same experiences.  sometimes i feel like we all came from different families.  i think most siblings are probably like that, though, especially when brothers and sisters are separated by several years.

kicking holiday planning into high gear.  selecting menus and making many lists.  i'm ready to bake and eat and be with my family.

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Read Me said...

Eight hours of sleep every night is the best thing to ward off colds and the flu!