Wednesday, November 5, 2008

without a voice

yes, that's right. i still have no voice to speak of. ha! get it?! ha!

i am driving myself crazy. even my inner monologue has a raspy quality to it now. i talk. a lot. all the time. to myself. to b. to my friends. to my poor husband. and for going on almost 24 hours now- i just can't. i mean, i guess i can, but it's painful for me and for the listener.

how sad is it that my husband, the poor soul who is bound by love and law to listen to me 24/7, is absent during my time of silence? i don't think the evil smirk i'm smirking is coming across via text so let me add "hahahahahaha."

not a very exciting day. home from work again, though i am going regardless tomorrow. a beautiful day for november. upper 60s and quite sunny. my mind, however, has to turned to thanksgiving and christmas menus.

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