Thursday, November 6, 2008

peaches and pottery

pottery night tonight and not a night too soon.  i have come to cherish these nights together with my girlfriends.  we eat, talk, drink, complain, build each other up, advise, and laugh.  and oh yeah, we make stuff too.  i am so lucky to have these ladies in my life.  

i did two fused glass pieces tonight.  i can't say what they are though, because they are surprises.  that reminds me, i need to post a pic of my last fused glass piece here.  i really like working with that stuff.

in honor of pottery night i made another cake out of sky high cakes.  we had just gotten a bunch of awesome peaches so i chose the peach melba cake.  what a cake!  not difficult per se, but time consuming.  the cake itself is a cream cake.  it is filled with mousse made from peach puree, then frosted with a cream frosting flavored with raspberry puree.  i think it was pretty tasty.  it didn't look as elegant as i wanted it too, though.

and, just to keep you all informed, i am still basically without a voice.  it comes and goes, i guess, because i did talk a lot at pottery.  but i overdid it and i'm completely mute again.  went to urgent care this morning and they said i have an upper respiratory infection and promptly prescribed me meds.  thanks a lot, ENT, for telling me two days ago i was fine.  sheesh.  

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