Wednesday, November 12, 2008

maple cookies

i have been craving maple cookies for about a month now. craving a cookie i have never eaten, though.  we made maple cookies when i was little, but they were iced, drop cookies.  i wanted a rolled cookie, shaped like a maple leaf.

found this recipe and rolled them out tonight.  YUM.  let me say it again.  YUM.  and pretty, too. thought about icing them and i'm so glad i did not.  they are full of sweet flavor on their own. these cookies also offered an excuse for me to use some of the midnight maple syrup from evans knob farm.  

very productive evening, especially compared to last night.  played with b, made my cookies, spent some quality time on the yoga mat, and now, oh boy oh boy, going to watch the first episode of top chef NYC.  yippee skippee.  

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