Sunday, November 16, 2008

have you forgotten

cold and snowy.  the weather makes me feel like reading ethan frome or something else cold and depressing.  

spent a relaxing afternoon with mmm and b.  we fell asleep on the living room floor watching lovey and the bears lose.

this evening i made shortbread from the recipe in the tartine cookbook.  very much yum but i ate too much and now i have a tummy ache.  wish i could have had it with coffee but i would have been up all night.  instead had a snack of shortbread, cheddar and pears.  very tasty.  


Anonymous said...

After spending 20 min. at Kroger and Giant Eagle in search of bakewell slice ingredients, I have concluded that caster sugar and almond meal cannot be found in Morgantown! Does one order it from somewhere?

ktm said...

oh sorry you were on a wild goose chase! caster sugar is what the brits call granulated sugar. as for the almond meal, i just ground up whole almonds as finely as i could in the food processor. i found that sam's is by far the best value on whole almonds, especially with holiday baking coming up. let me know if you end up making them!

Anonymous said...

Thanks! I will work on the almond meal.