Saturday, November 15, 2008

fool in the rain

dealing with a textbook hangover today.  slept terribly, woke early.  trying to piece together the later parts of last evening and determine exactly how many apologies i might need to make for my behavior.  i am, i will admit, an annoying drunk.  talk too much, think too much.  the phrase i've been repeating to myself today is, "eeks, did i say that?"

took b to the craft fair.  he liked looking at woodcarvings and the model train.  i liked looking at jewelry and photographs.  we headed to the grocery store, ate lunch and are now taking naps. 

hopefully when i wake i'll feel less like this.

"the clock on the wall's moving slower
and my heart it sinks to the ground
and the storm that i thought would blow over
clouds the light of the love that i found"

really nice lyrics in that song.

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