Friday, October 3, 2008


sitting in dublin airport waiting for our transfer.  it's loud and chaotic.  lots of renovations, people spilling out of pubs with their drinks, and i think everyone has a baby along for the ride.

missed our early train this morning and had to take a very expensive cab ride to the glasgow airport.  guess them's the brakes when you travel.

not feeling a bit poetic or relaxed or energized at the moment.  feeling grouchy, tired, sore and irritated!  hopefully this will be remedied by a glass of wine and something good to eat.  should be smooth sailing once we get on the plane to rome, barring any more delays.  

sidebar: there are two guys sitting in my row wearing tan suede overall/knicker get-ups with knee socks.  but they have on football (soccer) jerseys.  very strange.  

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