Saturday, September 20, 2008

two loaves and a crazy kid

today was a long, lovely day.  baby b and i woke (at 5:15!!!!) and lounged around in our usual way.  he likes to chat now in the mornings, as much as a nineteen month old can chat.  8:30 rolled around and we headed into to town to the farmer's market.  picked up some eggplant and potatoes that i hope to turn into something yummy for mmm's return tomorrow.

we got back home and i set my mind to making bread.  nothing fancy, just two plain loaves of white bread.  used the recipe from baking with julia and it turned out as textured and full as ms. childs promised.  

i will not dwell on the rest of my day here.  it was full of this sound "no, b.  no.  i said no!  do you want a time out?  hey.  hey!  don't turn on the dishwasher!  no!  what's in your mouth?  stop.  stop.  stop.  stop."  ugh.  he was going full speed ahead today.

he had a thick warm slice of homemade bread for his night night snack, topped with cherry jam from the cherries off of our tree.  gotta say, i felt some pride feeding my babe a 100% homemade treat.  

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