Thursday, September 11, 2008

i love the ladies

had a most excellent evening with my ladies tonight.  we descended upon the make-your-own pottery place like a gaggle of worn out, drunken geese.  not a flattering picture, i suppose, but i mean it in the best way possible.  honestly, it felt a bit like a tv show.  a bit like how imagined being a "grown up" would feel and look.  a room full of lovely, accomplished women letting their guards down.  complaining, joking, laughing, crying.  beautiful women in various stages of their lives, each with her own joys and worries.  but all of us there for each other.

growing up i always thought i'd fare better as an adult, and boy was i ever right.  driving home, thinking about each of my amazing girlfriends, i realized once again how lucky i am.  i have these interesting, funny, trustworthy people in my life.  my go-to girls.  men, marriages, divorces, babies, and no babies.  happy, sad, manic, depressed.  these women forever amaze me.  i have to say it again- i'm just so very lucky.

especially blessed to have tew in my life.  the past week alone has been filled with so much life and sharing and support- i can only hope it's gone both ways.  (tew- if you're reading this- i love you!  you are my SSSM!!!)

enough of the drivel.  

i like what i made this evening, at the pottery place.  it has not been baked yet, so i don't have a picture.  i made a fused glass plate.  the goal was to be sort of frank lloyd wright-ish.  we'll see.  hoping it will go nicely with the mission-style furniture in the living room. 

i'm going to bed a very happy girl...

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