Tuesday, September 30, 2008


hear the cascading of bells from the cathedral across the street.  not sure which and not sure the occasion.  a very pretty sound nonetheless.  

we are in the heart of everything at the caledonian hilton on princes street.  edinburgh castle is directly out my window.  all of the clocks, spires, and towers of the town are lit up carmel against the black blue sky.  it is gorgeous here.

cannot get over the grandeur of this old hotel.  stained glass, miles of corridors, grand staircase, marble everywhere.  puts in mind of henry james or edith wharton, for sure.  

parts of the city could be any city anywhere.  that's how cities are, i guess.  rows of starbucks and the gap and chain bookstores.  but the gothic architecture here, and the finely planned and manicured gardens give this place a decadence and charm all its own.

sat in the bar downstairs this evening and braved a whisky cocktail.  a rob roy variation that involved a chocolate covered cherry.  felt very important and wealthy drinking it, like a character in the background of the philadelphia story or something like that.  

will webcam with uncle a and b soon.  can't wait to see his chubby cheeks.  can't wait to see b either- ha ha.

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