Saturday, March 19, 2011

I suck

Ok, so I clearly was unable to keep on top of sxsw posts. or any posts for that matter. I'll try to catch up here and now.

6th Street

Day One:

Premier of Source Code. Saw it at the Paramount. Encountered Vera Fermiga in the ladies' room.

Day Two:

Turkey Bowl at the Alamo. I love you, Alamo! Very comfortable film, relatable. And did I mention that I love the Alamo?

A Bag of Hammers. Love this movie!!!!

The Pee-Wee Herman Show at the State Theater. Paul Reubens present. We were in Austin. That's over HEEEEYAH!

The Innkeepers at the Paramount. Hated it. WTF.

Frog Design Party. Delicious apps and copious amounts of alcohol. Lovely starlit Austin skyline.

Day Three:

A Matter of Taste. Loved it. Visiting Corton is now on my to do list.

Conan O'Brien Can't Stop. They aren't kidding. He's hyperactive, self-absorbed, and fascinating.

No Matter What. Slightly depressing but refreshing in a way. The leads are not professional actors. A touching movie, actually. Enjoyed watching it but enjoy it even more in retrospect. Director was gratingly pretentious, however. Ugh.

I know we attended some type of party because I ended up at Wasted on the Young well on my way to healthy buzz. Downed two Alamojitos while watching this feature length Australian version of the OC on steroids. The film was on steroids, not me.

Day Four:

The Dish and the Spoon. Um, lame mumblecore that I should not have put us through. I think I enjoyed it far more than husband only because I've been spending vacations in Rehoboth since I can remember.

The Other F Word. I pray this film gets distribution. An engaging look at punk rockers who find themselves in the compromising position of being fathers.

Flim Florida Fish Fry. Conch fritters and fried fish. Yummo.

Day Five:

Something Ventured. Cerebral but fascinating doc on the venture capitalists who gave Silicon Valley its start. Bad combovers and private submarines.

Foo Fighters at the Paramount. Um. Greatest thing ever. Um. They were there. Um, I was two feet away from Dave Grohl and got to say hi to him. Um, we were in line and got wristbands for a private show at Stubbs. Um, we were in the FOURTH ROW AT A FOO FIGHTERS CONCERT WHERE THEY PLAYED THE NEW ALBUM IN ITS ENTIRETY WITHOUT STOPPING. Um, can you say awesome? Then they played everything else. We were right behind the person who filmed this.


Day Six:

New Music from Wales. Annual showcase sponsored by the British Embassy. Handpies, rarebit, meatless sausage. Yum.

French Party. Canada Party. New Zealand Party- oh wait, I missed that. At this point I got a little carried away and forgot that I'm not actually a college coed. I'm a 34-year-old mother. Yikes. Blur.

Brett Dennen and Matt Nathanson at the Moody Theater. I wish I could say I didn't feel like puking the entire time we were there.

Berry Austin. Trip number one.

Day Seven:

The Head and the Heart. My new favorite band.

Devotchka. My other new favorite band. I've enjoyed them for years, but it's amplified now for sure. We saw the show in the clip.

No clue what we did that evening. According to Matt we went to the second floor of Maggie Mae's on 6th Street but left because it was weird. Then we stood in line at Esther's Follies but did not get in. I think I got street pizza and went to the room and watched Law and Order.

Day Eight:

Sunbathing at the pool. AHHHH.

Showcasing Scotland at the British Embassy. I hate to say it, but sort of a disappointment.

Fabulous seafood at Trulucks. Flight of Chardonnay. Seafood tower. Scallops. Berry Austin number two. I love you Berry Austin.

Berry austin

Day Nine:

Yorkshire and North East at the British Embassy. Tacos and techno.

MMM watched WVU lose while KTM got a sunburn at the pool.

Watched the Willie Nelson documentary and listened to Billy Bob Thornton yammer on and on and on and holy crap is he crazy.

Berry Austin number three.

Fro yo

Day Ten:


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