Sunday, March 6, 2011

feet upon the snow

love this song.

the past couple of weeks have fluctuated between glimpses of spring and debilitating respiratory infections. i am beginning to feel like we will never again go for more than a day or two without someone being sick. (insert my standard whine here- i eat healthy, i exercise, i sleep, i have a relatively stress-free existence- how can i be sick so much?).

during the springy interludes we've finally been able to explore our new yard and neighborhood. there are so many beautiful old houses (including our own) and very interesting old trees.


we have tromped around the soggy yard, laying out spaces for herb bed, veggie bed and fish pond.


we moved rowan's hutch across the yard. he seems fat and content as usual.


shannon's birthday was this weekend. i volunteered dessert. tartine's lemon meringue cake. a time intensive cake with many steps. i enjoyed every second of it. i also enjoyed having yet another reason to use my kitchen torch.


all told, i think the cake has something like 17 eggs in it. a chiffon base, lemon cream filling and gorgeous meringue frosting.





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