Sunday, May 2, 2010


best of the best of weekends. after a relaxing friday evening, bbb and i hit saturday with a vengeance. we were both glad to see the return of the farmers market. i picked up a pint of cherry tomatoes and two steaks. this was my first experience buying beef at the market. i've been making a significant effort to be a locavore. mostly after watching food, inc. my reaction to this movie requires its own post.


after the market we took a picnic to the botanic garden. a nice lady directed us to sandy beach by the old dam. ben got his toes wet and i took some nice pictures. we also spent some time sketching the old water tower. there are so many interesting remains there, and so much wild life.





the first 90-degree may first i remember, we set up the paddling pool when we got home. after hours in the sun we went in and i went on a baking frenzy. why? because i discovered the greatest baking blog ever. i know i'm late to this party, but joy the baker is phenomenal. ben saw a picture of her hot fudge sundae cupcakes and requested them immediately. i also made bread and smitten's pretzels.



i put the tomatoes to good use in pasta with leftover mushrooms. i think, no, i know i gained five pounds this weekend.

today we went to church, lunch at max and erma's, then shopping. back home and bbb and i tackled joy's twinkies. incredibly sweet and fluffly. yum.

now, sitting on the couch, relaxing but secretly wishing i had energy left over to do more. how i love my weekends.

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Sarah said...

You are such a wonderful mother! I love looking at the pictures you take. They say so much.

I need to figure out how to get to the botanic gardens. Maybe we will give it a try tonight. It looks so fun.