Sunday, April 18, 2010


that's where i'm at.

is it too late to recap easter? or anything from the past nineteen days? my head has been in a fog.


easter was beautiful. we got out with brother number one on good friday and hiked around the old camp. i baked a lot and thoroughly enjoyed that.


i've been working in the yard as well because the weather has been so nice. until THIS weekend. cold and rainy and ick.


saturday evening i got a nice dinner date with my girls. lots of mommy talk and laughs and the general feeling that i'm not a lone in all this. (and a very nice rainbow trout stuffed with goat cheese, if might add).

today was a sunday. church, lunch, visiting with friends. mmm returned and was kind enough to entertain bbb while i got some work done. i didn't really give him much of a choice i don't think. oops.

almost forgot- last weekend we saw wilco in pittsburgh. always a treat. lunched a lidia's- another huge treat!

gearing up for work tomorrow. so much to do it makes my head go numb.

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