Wednesday, December 9, 2009

perfect winter weekend

we had one of the nicest weekends possible. it was full of wintry christmas fun. friday evening we went to black bear and the christmas parade with my mom, the webers and scotty. saturday i had the joy of watching bbb wake up to a world of snow. we baked in the morning and played out in the afternoon. sunday we hit up the university kids christmas party and finished our gingerbread houses. bbb was for the most part a delight the entire weekend. what more can you ask for?





pure joy

ben doing a great job

mini gingers


ta da!


just a few words about the gingerbread houses. i'm definitely happier with the house this year.
i tried something new this year with the windows and melted butterscotch candies in the
window cut outs which i think worked very well.

bbb really did decorate most of his on his own! i "drew" the lines on his roof, but he placed all
of the candy himself. i'm very proud of him!

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