Sunday, October 18, 2009

true happiness

i have had the most perfect weekend. i cannot actually remember a more perfect weekend. three generalities stand out: my kid was good, i got to see my family, and i got to relax.

friday night we ran errands. we got home and introduced bbb to a halloween compilation dvd that absorbed his attention for most of the weekend. we lazed around on saturday morning then headed to my mother's to see jeff, marilyn and the girls. bbb and i baked sugar cookies with his cousins then headed home to watch wvu beat marshall. except we didn't really watch it. he and i baked and napped and watched more of his halloween dvd. the kids was exceptionally well-behaved. i baked cinnamon rolls and an almond-lemon tea cake and made bbq chicken for supper.

after the boy went down, mmm and i caught up on survivor and went to bed early. i'm incredibly in tune with this cold snap. i love hearing the furnace kick on and i love the smell of the warm air. i love the grey sky and orange leaves and even the never-ending drizzle. i especially love it because i've just been hanging out at home snuggling with my guys.

this morning we woke late-ish again. more snuggling and halloween dvd, then off to my mom's for brunch. the big girls, marilyn and i took lindsey around campus. she seemed psyched at the thought of possibly coming to wvu next year. it was a lot of fun to show off the school i love so much.

headed home after that for more napping and snuggling and knitting. just a cozy day at home. i couldn't ask for anything more.

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