Wednesday, September 9, 2009

via chicago

we enjoyed a whirlwind tour of the midwest over the extended weekend. mmm, bbb and myself loaded up the family truckster and collected j and s for some quality time in kokomo. i must confess- i was in bed by 8:15 the first night.

saturday our troupe headed to chicago. the field museum could have been wonderful. could have been if we had not decided to take a cranky, napless two-year-old along for the ride. ice cream afterwords helped ease all our nerves.

husband and i rolled the dice and let the big boys tend to the creature while we enjoyed a few drinks in the hotel lobby. we really got bold and walked a block away to get pf chang's takeout. we got back to the hotel room and while it looked like keith richards had been in charge, none of the boys were any worse for the wear.

the next day was wonderful. we visited mmm's brother and his family (after a massive breakfast) and then spent a few hours at the lincoln park zoo. ok. here it is. the highlight of my trip. i got to see a POLAR BEAR up close. through glass, but up close. he just kept swimming back to us, smiling and showing off. he was magnificent.

headed back to kokomo for swimming and downtime at the hotel.

it was a lovely extended weekend and i hate that it had to end so soon. all of the boys were well behaved and it felt so good to be all together.

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