Tuesday, July 14, 2009


i'm done. i'm beat down and broken and i don't know what happened.

i know i've been busy. good busy. work is a whole other world right now. i'm sure everything will settle down soon. but for now, it's a marathon.

my only theory as to why i'm this tired is that all of the stress of the past few weeks (work, home, kid, etc) and the later than usual nights i've been having have caught up with me.

we saw conor oberst at 123 last thursday and that was just a great show. i really like his voice and i love that this incarnation is not the whiny, tinny sound that was bright eyes. ICK.

nice weekend full of work, play and relaxation. got to see public enemies which was very good and just nice to be at a movie on a sunday afternoon.

my big weekend project was baking croissants. they were fun to make and too fun to eat. i only ate one then took the rest to work.

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Anonymous said...

tell us when you are rested