Tuesday, June 30, 2009

old 97s

ahh, good times, good times.

sunday evening boothie and i set out on a great adventure. the old 97s were putting on a free show in northeast pittsburgh. sounded close and easy. WRONG. but getting there was half the fun. we arrived at the alleged venue to find no stage and several cars circling the parking lot. a little bit of instinct, a little bit of common sense and we finally arrived at the right place.

early enough to hear the last sound check!!! ahhh! and see them hanging out in their van!!! ahh!

we set up our lovely picnic. drank some wine, ate some snacks and then, then the cloud came. boothie, god bless her, headed for the car to get the ponchos. i have vivid images of her running from a wall of black water as she so selflessly left the safety of the car to bring me my poncho. she made it ALMOST in time. the ponchos worked great. we salvaged some food and the wine (duh).

anyway, the storm lasted maybe 15 minutes. then it cleared, was beautiful and the old 97s rocked!

the ride home was even more of an adventure. unfamiliar territory in the dark. but we talked and laughed and sang and eventually made it.

dinner last night with one, two and three. how often does that happen?

retreat today at chestnut ridge. not bad. not bad at all. oh, and, uh, we got to see the yurt.

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boothie said...

i loved our adventure from start to finish!! ;)