Monday, June 22, 2009

home again

maybe tomorrow i'll try to recap the highlights of colorado, but for now it's all i can manage to talk about our journey home.

luckily the worst part of the trip was the very first part. the united line was long. i got nervous. but it went fast and mmm walked with us all the way to security. ben was a security champ yet again. and even though he did not nap, he was a model traveler during the flight. he watched two movies and ate his body weight in snacks.

my mum and number three picked us up. we ate at don pablo's. yum. on the way back to morgantown we stopped in canonsburg to pick up b's new treasure. you'll have to check out his blog tomorrow to see what it is.

and now we're home alone. it's quiet. and i'm tired. but can't sleep. i imagine things will feel back to normal, sort of, by week's end.

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