Sunday, April 12, 2009

shiny happy life confectionary

 and hours of baking this weekend.

first, rem and cars came over to bake a bunny cake for easter.  i used the vanilla buttermilk recipe from sky high cakes and it did not disappoint.  enough batter left over for 12 cupcakes.  i whipped up some buttercream and let the girls go to town decorating.  i think they did a fantastic job!

rather late (for baking) last night i launched into clothespin cookies for g.  i cheated and used the leftover buttercream to fill them.  they still tasted good but i'm wondering now if i didn't disappoint my brother.  i just hate having extra frosting and not using it.

even later last night i began making the lemon blueberry cake from sky high cakes.  a very fun recipe, it required a homemade blueberry lemon ginger preserve.  the kitchen smelled delicious all even long as i worked on that.

i did substitute the italian lemon buttercream in the book with a basic confectioner's sugar recipe.  i never ever ever have luck with italian buttercream.  

a lovely easter day with the family all together.  b was fun to watch though by the end of the day i was very ready for him to be sleeping.  i want more of this weekend.  it was a great one.  

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Sarah said...

OMG, I'm tasting that last cake without even eating it! You are too talented. Open up a bakery for crying out loud!