Sunday, March 1, 2009


such a nice weekend.  

spent quality time with the moms, aunt and uncle yesterday.  nice to ride and talk and laugh.  ate too much then felt like i was getting sick.

low key day today with b and mmm, as sundays often are.  the boys let me sleep in, then we headed to church.  followed up church with a kroger run.  early lunch and early naps.  i napped for three hours!

after naps, b and i cleaned the house and did some baking.  he's been such a good boy all weekend; i couldn't ask for anything more.  a total sweetheart.  

we happened upon "knocked up" on one of the movie channels tonight and watched it again. there are so many elements of that movie that make me laugh.  and i think it gets funnier every time i watch it.  also makes me nostalgic for b's birth.  it really is amazing that it stops hurting the moment they arrive.  

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