Monday, March 9, 2009

baby shower and spring-like weather

saturday we hosted a baby shower for ckl and soon-to-be-here babe.  i really enjoyed planning and cooking for it and enjoyed all our company even more.  

quite a few folks stayed after the shower (which was a co-ed shower) to watch wvu-louisville.  and then some stayed even after that!  

mmm and i woke way late on sunday.  late anyway, but then the time change made it even later. he graciously stayed home and cleaned while i went to early dinner at my mother's.  

beautiful warm weather!  izzy and i took a nice walk.  after b's nap we went to the park in first ward which was great fun.  teaming with children and adults alike.  

crashed early after taking benadryl.  i have the same plan in mind for this evening!

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Sarah said...

That's it! You are hired. The next party I have your catering. I'm serious!!