Saturday, March 14, 2009


i love this town!  it's 40 degrees and rainy and i still love this town.

had a completely easy day of travel yesterday.  arrived at our hotel around five.  checked in then crossed the street and got our books and badges for sxsw.  went directly to the premier of "of i love you, man".  stood in the rain for almost an hour but well worth it.  laughed and laughed. so nice to be watching a film with hundreds of other people just as into it as you are.  laughing, clapping and shouting.  always interesting to see stars in person as well.

skipped out on the second film to watch the end of wvu/syracuse.  not going to comment on the game itself.  watched it at logan's on 6th.  grabbed street pizza on the way back to the hotel. pizza guy said the guys standing/sitting next to us were shooting up heroin earlier.  eeks!  

we are on the 24th floor of this hotel and can see all of 6th street, the capital, U of T and into the hills.  awesome view.  

mmm and i still struggling with colds.  the damp and chill don't help.  tomorrow should be warm, dry and sunny though.

panels this afternoon, then films again tonight.  it's a rough life.  

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